Hello fellow human!

I am a Brighton-born freelance Illustrator currently dwelling in South London. I've loved living in the city as I have had the chance to work with some amazing people on a range of projects. One of my biggest adventures has been with Ogilvy Group who have helped me develop as a visualizer and concept artist over multiple projects. Freelancing for a large agency has taught me how to work effectively with multiple creatives and quickly adapt myself to each brief and tight deadlines.

I have also had the chance to storyboard and create concept art for small film productions, one being an indie horror which allowed me to dig deep into my darkside. My favorite storyboard project has been with Redbull, helping plan out a viral video to promote their 'Wings For Life' campaign, it was an interesting challenge to think of fun ways to capture peoples reactions in a video. Storytelling is a big part of my life as an illustrator and I really enjoy the adaptation and development stages of film/ video projects. It taps into the pop culture nerd side of my brain that is filled with, useless facts, classic quotes and an undying love for indie films.

I have had my fingers in many pies and have worked on film pre-production, logos, gaming apps, branding pieces and more. I am proud to be adaptable and fluid in my illustration style, every project allows me to explore a new route, be it in digital art or more traditional methods.

If I'm not drawing then you'll find me nose deep into a graphic novel or roaming around the world looking for new and exciting cakes to eat, (I have a problem).

I am always on the hunt for new challenges and to meet other creative thinkers, currently I am looking for a new creative family to be part of and grow with. Ideally somewhere that shares my love of graphic novels, chocolate covered raisins and terrible terrible puns.


Advertising, Brand / Logo Design, concept art, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Storyboarding, Visualising

Sector Experience

Design, digital art, Graphic Design, Illustration, sketching


Ogilvy & Mather London